Random Item Challenge


Bedrock Addon


December 13, 2023


Minecraft 1.20



Create your very own Custom Random Item Challenge!

Welcome to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Random Item Challenge, where chaos meets creativity! In this exhilarating gameplay experience, you’ll find yourself navigating the unpredictable world of Minecraft, where a flurry of items materializes at random intervals. Brace yourself as the elements of chance dictate your journey, presenting you with an ever-changing array of resources, tools, and surprises. Are you ready to adapt, innovate, and conquer the unknown? Join us in this thrilling adventure where your quick thinking and adaptability will be put to the ultimate test!

Choose the interval items spawn, and how many items spawn, and let the chaos begin!

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Required Experimental Gameplay Options

  • Beta APIs

Random Item Challenge Customizer

It is not recommended to spawn too many items, as this can cause extreme lag.

  • One-Click Mod/Addon/Plugin Installer
  • Low Latency Connections
  • Easy-to-Use Multicraft Control Panel
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Backups, Security, and Data Protection
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