Hunt – A Manhunt Addon


Bedrock Addon


April 23, 2024


Minecraft 1.20



Put your stealth, strategy, and survival skills to the ultimate test in Minecraft with this MCPE Addon! Inspired by the Minecraft challenge popularized on YouTube by Dream, this Bedrock Edition addon contains all the functionality you need to hunt down the Speedrunner, and compete to be the champion!

  • Compatible with All addons and texture packs
  • Tracking between dimensions
  • Support for tracking Unlimited players
  • Cycle through tracking players by clicking the compass
  • Saves location data when players leave
  • Custom commands for starting games rapidly

Track players with a custom tracking compass. Tracking works in any dimension, and if the player is not in the current dimension, it points toward their last known location!

Make sure to right-click the tracker to select and cycle through tracking different players!

Use these Quickstart Commands to start the Hunt!
— Add yourself as a Tracked Player. You can now be Tracked!
— Remove yourself as a Tracked Player. You can no longer be Tracked.
— Give yourself a Tracker. Use it to track down players!

If you ever forget what commands do, just run !help in the chat for a reminder

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Installation Instructions

Required Experimental Gameplay Options

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Beta APIs

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Terms of Download
  1. You may not redistribute this pack. All download links must lead to
  2. You must give appropriate credit when using in any public content, including Videos, Streams, Websites
  3. To Properly Credit Gilded Bedrock, copy the link into the description of your content

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Start a Manhunt on Bedrock Edition?

First, the speedrunner will run the command !add, so that they can now be tracked. Next, the hunters run the command !track to get a tracking compass that points to the speedrunner. Let the Manhunt Begin!

How do I make a Minecraft Manhunt with commands?

To start a manhunt, the speedrunner runs the command !add. This will add them as a tracked player, and they can now be tracked through any dimension. The hunters run the command !track to get a tracking compass that points to the speedrunner.

What is the command to get a Manhunt compass in Minecraft?

To get your manhunt compass, just run the command !hunt in the chat. This will give you a tracking compass that points toward the speedrunner in any dimension! Right-click the compass to select the player to track. The compass can track an unlimited amount of speedrunners, and you right-click the compass to cycle through tracking players.

How do I track multiple Speedrunners?

To track multiple speedrunners in a Minecraft Manhunt, each speedrunner has to run the command !add to become a tracked player. There is no limit for the number of speedrunners! The hunters can then right-click the compass to cycle between tracking the different speedrunners.

How do I start a Manhunt Server Online?

If you want to Manhunt with friends online, you can easily create a Minecraft Server and install the Manhunt mod with Apex Hosting. Its price is a great deal for its performance, as PVP requires low ping and high speed servers. It also is easy to install the Minecraft Manhunt addon with their one click installation process.

  • One-Click Mod/Addon Installer (Start a Manhunt Server!)
  • Low Latency Connections
  • Easy-to-Use Multicraft Control Panel
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Backups, Security, and Data Protection
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