Vegetarian Minecraft


Bedrock Addon


December 12, 2023


Minecraft 1.20



Hey Vegetarians, want to try Vegetarian Minecraft? Vegetarian Minecraft allows vegetarians to torture their meat-eating friends in Minecraft or prove their dedication as a vegetarian. Anyone who eats any meat will suffer the cost of doing so. Veggie Mode can only be dared by experts. Are you up for the challenge? No meat or you pay the price.

The Vegetarian Minecraft is designed for all you vegetarians out there! However, this addon is also great if you’ve never dared becoming vegetarian and want to try (but not in real life). As you play through the game, you will understand the struggles of giving up meat, but in the end you will master the ways of the vegetarians. Additionally, you can challenge your friends to only eat veggies for 15 Minecraft days or beat the game on veggie mode. It contains 5 different game modes to torture traitors who give in to eating meat.

Check out the different modes below!

Peaceful – No effects, no saturation
Easy – 5 seconds of poison 2, no saturation
Normal – 15 seconds of poison 2, no saturation
Normal/Hard – 15 seconds of nausea, poison 3 and hunger, no saturation
God Tier – Kills within 5 seconds, no saturation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the difficulty of Vegetarian Minecraft?

Save and exit the world, then go into the World Settings. Go to behavior packs, click on Vegetarian Minecraft, then click the gear icon. You can now choose which difficulty to use!

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