Hardcore Mode


Bedrock Addon


December 12, 2023


Minecraft 1.20



Welcome to the ultimate Minecraft Bedrock Addon that takes your gaming experience to the next level! Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping challenge with the introduction of Hardcore mode to the world of Minecraft. In this groundbreaking addon, every decision matters as the stakes are higher than ever before. When you are defeated, there’s no respawning, no second chances—only the option to spectate as your world continues without you.

Say goodbye to conventional gameplay; this addon revolutionizes the way you approach Minecraft, intensifying the thrill and pushing your survival skills to their limits. Are you ready to test your resilience and strategy in a world where each move could be your last? Join us as we delve into this game-changing Minecraft Bedrock Addon and embrace the true essence of survival.

One Life, Infinite Thrills: Hardcore Mode Unleashed!

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Installation Instructions

Required Experimental Gameplay Options

  • Beta APIs

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Terms of Download
  1. You may not redistribute this pack. All download links must lead to this page
  2. You must give appropriate credit when using in any public content, including Videos, Streams, Websites
  3. To Properly Credit Gilded Bedrock, copy the link into the description of your content

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Hardcore Mode in Minecraft Bedrock?

Because Minecraft Bedrock does not show the option to change a world to Hardcore, an addon is required. This pack enables Hardcore mode, where when the player dies, they respawn as a Spectator. Download the Hardcore addon here.

  • One-Click Mod/Addon/Plugin Installer
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  • Unlimited Storage
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